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Robert La Follette

Robert La Follette grew up in Wisconsin. His father’s death and his bad relationship between him and his stepfather made his childhood difficult. After the death of his stepfather, his mother sold the family farm and moved to Madison. There he was “a very mediocre student who enjoyed social activites.”Robert La Follette met Belle Case while he was in college. They married on December 31, 1881. Robert La Follette ran for President of the United States in 1924. However, he got 17% of the votes and lost. Thanks to his wife and sons, he got elected as a governor in 1900.

Fun Facts

Historians ranked Robert La Follette as one of the “ten greatest Senators in the nation’s history” based on “accomplishments in office” and “long range impact on American history.” One of America’ top schools for public affairs, bears his name. He started teaching school for tuition money for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Robert La Follette1855~1925United States politician




One of Robert La Follette's biggest accomplishments is the "Wisconsin Idea." Wisconsin idea fosters public universities' contributions to the state "to the government in the forms of serving in office, offering advice about public policy, providing information and exercising technical skill, and to the citizens in the forms of doing research directed at solving problems that are important to the state and conducting outreach activities"

"Let no man think we can deny civil liberty to others and retain it for ourselves.""No free people in history very long maintained their political freedom after having once surrendered their industrial and commercial freedom."

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Political cartoon about the "wisconsin idea."

University of Wisconsin-Madison. Robert La Follette has lots of connection with this school.

Robert La Follette grew up in Wisconsin.He also represents Wisconsin when he becomes a senator.


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