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Robert La Follette

Robert La Follette was born in a log cabin in the town of Primrose, Wisconsin on June 14, 1855. His great-grandfather, Joseph La Follette, was born in France and then emmigrated to New Jersey. La Follettte grew up in Dane County, Wisconson. His father died in the year of 1856 at the time Robert was 1 year old. As Robert got older he got more into education. He got married and had 4 children. At school he was influenced by University President John Bascom. From that point on he became more and more successful. Robert La Follette died June 18, 1925, at the age of 70.

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Robert La Follette family

College photo of Robert La Follette (1879)



Fun Facts

-He ran for President of the United States in 1924.-He served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Governor of Wisconsin and a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin during his career.-His nickname was fighting Bob.-La Follette's wife was a suffragist (Belle Case La Follette)

-Gave citizens a bigger role in government-Muckraking journalist Lincoln Steffens covered his campaign-Robert La Follette created a library-La Follette began working with University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty-Campaigned for child labor laws-Made a newspaper article

-The Progressive Policy's goals included recall, referendum, direct primary and initiative-Winning the Republican Election-Earning his law license-Helping Women, Native and African American Rights.

Robert La Follette (1907)

Assembly in Decatur, Illinois (1905)

Robert La Follette with cheif Samuel Gompers (1924)

Robert La Follette


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