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Robert James Lee Hawk

ROBERT JAMES LEE HAWKEBy Bailey Kramer 6DRobert James Lee Hawke was a former prime minster in the Labor Party (1983-1991) as well as being a member of the Australian Parliament (1980–1992).

Early LifeRobert was born in Bordertown; South Australia on the ninth December 1929. He is the second child of Clem Hawke and his wife Edith. He was not baptised as a baby because his family has never been religious. In 1995 he married Hazel Hawke and they were together for thirty-nine years and had four children Stephen Hawke, Robert Hawke Jr., Susan Pieter’s Hawke and Roslyn Hawke. In 1995 he married Josephine Blanche d'Alpuget and they are together till this day. Hawke’s older brother died when he was seventeen after contracting Meningitis. A few years later when Bob was seventeen he was in a serious motorbike accident and nearly died, which left him in a critical condition for a week.That year he discovered he was really interested in Politics and wanted to be a part of it. His role model has and will always be Prime Minister John Curtin. He joined the Labor Party at the age of eighteen and successfully applied for a Rhodes scholarship in 1952.

Later LifeAfter Bob Hawke left Government he and his wife Josephine Blanche d'Alpuget moved into a new house and she continues her writing but Bob is retired.

Three Major Achievements as Prime MinsterOne of three major achievements was the prime minster of Papua New Guinea Sir Michael Sombre informed Hawke that he was being honoured for his "support to Papua New Guinea from the time assisted us in the development of our trade union movement, and basic workplace conditions, to the strong support you gave us during your term as Prime Minister of Australia. He remains to date Labor's longest-serving Prime Minister, Australia's third-longest-serving Prime Minister, and is currently the oldest living former Prime Minister. In August 2009 the Australian Labor Party gave him Life time membership Bob Hawke became the third person to be awarded life membership of the Australian Labor Party, after Gough and Margaret Whitlam. During the debate, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd referred to Hawke as "the heart and soul of the Labor Party”.

Years as Prime Minster Bob Hawke became prime Minister after only two years in parliament, and only one month as Leader of the Opposition. He was in office from 3 February 1983 – 20 December 1991 .He won a landslide victory and was elected to come in as prime minister.He won three more elections in 1984,1987 and 1990.He was and still is the most successful Labor Party leader in the history of Australia and he was in office from the eleventh of March 1983 till the 20TH December 1991. He was the twenty-third prime minister of Australia. Paul Keating eventually replaced Hawke at the end of 1991. Bob Hawke remains to this date Labor's longest-serving Prime Minister, Australia's third-longest-serving Prime Minister, and is currently the oldest living former Prime Minister.

Three Interesting FactsHe was the only Labor prime minster to have been removed by his own party whilst still being in office, when he was challenged by Paul Keating in December 1991. Also in 1983 he became infamous for one of his quotes “Any boss who sacks someone for not turning up on this day is a bum”. There is also a photo of Bob from 1954 in the Guinness book of Records when he sculled 2.5 pints of beers in 11 seconds. hawke at the national press club March 2 1983

Extra FactsHe was elected President of the ACTU in 1969, where he achieved an unprecedented level of popularity. After a decade as ACTU President, Hawke announced his intention to enter politics, and was immediately elected to the House of Representatives as the Labor MP for Wills.A biographical television film, Hawke, premiered on the Ten Network in Australia on 18 July 2010, with Richard Roxburgh playing the title character. Rachael Blake and Felix Williamson portrayed Hazel Hawke and Paul Keating Respectively.He was Treasurer of Australia and was in office 2 June 1991 – 4 June 1991. Federal Election: Bob Hawke Policy Speech


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