Robert Fulton

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Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton

1. Born November 14, 1765, Little Britain, Pennsylvania2. Grew up on a farm. Tried to be a Jeweler and a Painter but didn’t like it.3. He worked on a successful Canal System in 1794.4. He later designed a submarine for France during the war between France and Britain in 1797, but France rejected the idea.5. In 1800, he went to Britain, and the British Used his design in the war. It ultimately failed.6. In 1801 he met Robert R. Livingstone, and they decided to build a steamboat. It sunk.7. In 1806, Fulton Built his own steamboat. It was able to make 150 mile trips in 32 hours.9. That steamboat was his life accomplishment.10. He died in 1815, when he caught pneumonia trying to save his friend from a freezing river.11. In 1816, a statue was made in his honor.

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