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Robert Frost

Frost stood at the crossroads of the 19th and 20th centuries, but he does not fit neatly into any one era. His poetry captures the best of both centuries. It was always bold and fresh, but never veering from the confines of verse and meter. His clear and elegant verse made him beloved in America and around the world.

"Three years ago, a young New Hampshire schoolmaster went over to England, lived in retirement for a while, and published a volume of poems which won him many friends in a quiet way. Some time ago, another volume of verse went to the same publisher and one morning Robert Frost found himself famous." -Boston Herald 1915

"He has bequeathed his nation a body of imperishable verse from which Americans will forever gain joy and understanding."-President John F. Kennedy

Robert Lee Frost


-Pulitzer Prize (awarded record 4 times)-Honorary Degrees from over 40 universities, including:Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge-Congressional Gold Medal-Numerous awards from Poetry Societies

Frost's style was a distinctly New England one. He was influenced by the years he spent as a farmer and he wrote about the classic symbols of nature and countryside. He had a strong command of American colloquial speech. He was one of the first poets to advocate for individualism in language before it became popular. His poems are about New England, but they have the ability to speak for everyone, everywhere.

Frost's poetry usually focuses on beautiful images in nature, but scholars of his work have said that his verse also hints at something darker. His poetry, if read carefully also illuminated the darkness in Frost's own soul.His personal life was full of tragedies. Mental illness and depression ran through his family and destoyed his parents, his sister, and 2 of his 6 children. Due to various causes, 4 of Frost's children died before he did. Frost himself struggled with depression, which he overcame with the help of his work, teaching and writing.Frost's poems are about beauty, but they are also about darkness, the thin line that separates our personalities from the darkness of the subconscious. His poems hint at something so intuitive, so primal, that it can hardly be put into words. This was Frost's goal, "If poetry isn't understanding all, the whole world, then it isn't worth anything."

Some of Frost's Poems include:-The Road Not Taken-Fire and Ice -Mending Wall-Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening-Nothing Gold Can Stay-Birches-Home Burial-Acquainted with the Night


"His poems have helped to guide American thought and humor and wisdom, setting forth to our minds a reliable representation of ourselves and of all men."-Text of a U.S. Senate resolution passed on the occasion of Frost's 75 birthday

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"The Road Not Taken" Original Analysis AudioBy: Steven Vrantsidis


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