Robert Frost

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Robert Frost

Robert Frost

After this project, I feel like I am a better and more experienced poet. Hearing so many poems that Robert Frost wrote, it makes me feel like my poem is as good as his poems are. Robert Frost's poems helped me with writing and learning many good things about poetry.

Robert Frost was born in 1874 in San Francisco, California. The official date was March 26, 1874. He published his first poem in 1892. His first volume of poetry appeared in 1913. In 1924, he won his first Pulitzer Prize.

Robert Frost won 4 Pulitzer prizes and read a poem at John F. Kennedy's inaugration.


Fun Facts


"The Playroom"Inspired by Robert Frost's "The Pasture"I'm going out to clean the messy playroomI'll only stop to listen to pop music(And wait to hear my favorite song, I may):I shan't be cleaning long.-You help too.I'm going out to make it sparkling clean. As clean as a just polished floor.It sparkles when you look straight at itI shan't be cleaning long.-You help too.

My Poem

By Caroline Nero


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