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Robert Frost

Poetry: Inspired by Robert Frost

The snow starts falling.It gets colder and colder. I look around and see a figure.As it nears, it starts to form a person.It's one of my heroes.He loves to write poetry and inspired me.I go back home and go to sleepin my little warm bed.

Recorded Poem

"The Midnight Walk"By Olivia HudsonI take a walk through the woods.They're deep and dark. Traveling through the frosty shrubs, I see a bench covered in flakey snow.I think it's queer there's a benchwaiting to be found.I look around- no one's here. So I take a seat.

The poem that inspired me was "A Late Walk," which was written by Robert Frost and published with a collection of poems titled "A Boy's Will" in 1913. My favorite line from the poem is "Up from the tangle of withered weeds."

Five Facts about my Poet:1. Robert Frost was born March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California.2. He went to Dartmouth College and Harvard for a short period of time and left without a degree.3. In 1895 he married a schoolmate, Elinor White. They had six children.4. In 1894, Frost sold his first poem “My Butterfly. An Elegy”, to the New York Independent, for $15 ($409 today).5. In 1963 Robert Frost died on January 29 in Boston.

Awards My Poet Has Won:1. Robert Frost earned four Pulitzer Prizes (in 1924 for "New Hampshire: A Poem With Notes and Grace Notes," in 1931 for "Collected Poems," in 1937 for "A Further Range," and in 1943 for "A Witness Tree").2. Robert Frost was a designated Poet laurete of Vermont.

How my poem is like my poet's poem:Robert Frost wrote about taking a walk in the woods and making a decision. My poem is also about taking a walk in the woods. Both poems are set at night or late in the evening so our settings are similar. Robert Frost's poem had four lines in each of the four stanzas. I structured my poem the same way. Both poems use discriptive words to help the reader visualize the walk.

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About the Author

By Olivia Hudson

My Inspired Poem

Robert Frost


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