Robert Falcon Scott

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Robert Falcon Scott

I went to Antarctica to explore more of this desolate continate, as well as its unique weather, wildlife and geology

Robert Falcon Scott

Fight to the Bottom

Not to mention the eternal glory of being the first man on the bottom of the earth...

Along the way, we encountered many troubles. The motorised sleighs failed, the ponies couldn’t cope and were shot and the dogs went back to base early in the journey.The sleeping bags were made of reindeer fur, and, after becoming wet, were cold and frozen for most of the time. There were many problems with scurvy and even more with frostbite.

Because no one was left to help them, Scott and four others pulled the sleighs themselves, which resulted in exhaustion. Scurvy was delt with by eating the dead horses, but this didn’t last for very long.There was no way to deal with the frostbite or the sleeping bags. For one of the men with extreme frostbite, he went for a walk into a blizzard and didn’t come back

Although, in spite of thse difficulties, we handled them like true men!

Hello, my name is Robert Falcon Scott. I was born in Devern, England, and performed my famous expedition in 1910-1912

People told me that I was a very honourable and persistent man. This helped me mainly in carrying the sleighs. From the start, even, I believed it was more noble to carry the sleigh myself than to let the dogs pull it. They say I also showed persistence when everything on the journey was going wrong. I just kept on going, determined to make it to the pole

In my opinion, the expedition was a failure. All the men died, thus the information discovered never made it home and they weren’t the first people on the bottom of the earth


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