Robert Falcon Scott Expedition

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Robert Falcon Scott Expedition

Captain Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott was born in Devon, England

He set offfor his expedition in 1910

Was this expedition successful?No, I do not think this expedition was successful. Even though Robert Falcon Scott’s team had done extra research on this journey, the expedition was unsuccessful as they never returned home. His poor choice of transport meant they had to walk. Walking took longer, it was more exhausting and they soon started run out of food and oil.On 16th of January 1912, Scott and his team reached the South Pole, where they found a Norwegian flag and a note from Scott’s competitor, Amundsen. The note said that Amundsen and his party had already reached the South Pole on the 14th of December 1911, almost a month earlier than Scott.Scott’s return journey from the South Pole began well until they got caught in a bad blizzard which lasted about 10 days. The cold, exhaustion and frostbite were starting to set in on Scott and his team. Their food supplies were also running out, turning this expedition into a nightmare for Robert Falcon Scott. They kept moving but the blizzard was so bad it was becoming very difficult for them to continue their journey. Sadly, Robert Falcon Scott and his team died only 18km from the next supply camp.

These are some difficulties Scott and his team experienced:1) Scott's food suppiles were begining to run low.To overcome this difficulty, Scott decided that they had to ration their food supplies.2) Scotts idea of having horses, dogs and motorised sleds was not a good one as all of the horses died from the cold, the dogs ran away and the motorised sleds froze up.Scott did not think this would happen so he had to think of a back-up plan. He decided to walk.3) Extreme weather on the return trip from the South Pole was one of the main difficulties Scott and his team had to face.Unfortunately, the extreme blizzard that lasted for 10 days straight, ended Captain Robert Falcon Scott's life.Despite these difficulties, Scott had personal attributes that enabled the expedition to continue. (Prior to his death.)Scott and his team did in fact reach the South Pole, which indicates that he was a determined, courageous and loyal leader, who persevered through challenges like extreme blizzards and a lack of food.Another attribute would be that he had previously done an expedition to the South Pole (1901-1904) so he had some experience of what lay ahead. This helped him to prepare for the 1910 expedition. He also had confidence and believed that he was going win the race to the South Pole against Amundsen and that this expedition was going to be successful.

This edpedition was to try to race Roald Amundsen, a Norwgian explorer to the South Pole.

Scott and his team of 12 scientists set up camp at Cape Evans on Ross Island and started to build on research from their 1901-1904 expedition.



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