Robert Falcon Scott - Antarctica

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Robert Falcon Scott - Antarctica

Robert Falcon Scott

What kind of difficulties did the expedition have to overcome?Drowned sleds, before the expedition could even begin; the first sledge (the heaviest) fell through the ice and sank irrecoverable, sixty fathoms into the sea. The other two would surrender to the biting Antarctic cold.

Of the 20 Siberian-bred ponies Scott elected to bring on the expedition, few of them lived to fulfil their usefulness. Many died of exhaustion, disappeared in the night, or were lost at sea during the voyage. Others met a grizzlier fate: battered and fatigued, were preyed upon by Scott's scant crew of dogs; and two of them fell victim to killer whales.

How did they overcome these difficulties?After loosing their 2 main mechanical sleds and as they had to destroy their 20 Serbian ponies, many of the men had to pull and walk with their sleds. As they reached the South Pole they discovered that Amundsen had already been to the pole 33 days before. As the flag was flying. The return journey met with disastrous weather and the entire party perished. Evans died from a fall. Oates sacrificed his life by walking into a blizzard, hoping thus to save his comrades; Bowers, Wilson, and Scott died of starvation and exposure on March 29 within 18 km (11 miles) of One Ton Depot, a major supply depot.

What kind of personal characteristics/ attributes did your explorer have that enabled the expedition to continue, despite the difficulties?The explorer Robert falcon Scott had a very upbeat attitude towards his expedition and achieving his goals. He also had very trusty adventures who accompanied him on his Antarctica expedition. There was also a passion and an urge to move forward as at the same time Scott was racing Amundsen to the pole. In the return their spirits died from seeing the other flag flying at the pole, they all perished.

When did the expedition to Antarctica occur? His second and last expedition to Antarctica occurred in 1910-1913. From what country did the explorer come?He was a British Antarctica explorer.

What was the purpose of the expedition?It was the expressed hope of the RGS that this expedition would be "scientific primarily, with exploration and the Pole as secondary objects". Scott stated that its main objective was "to reach the South Pole, and to secure for the British Empire the honor of this achievement”. Scott had, as Markham observed, been "bitten by the Pole mania".


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