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Robert E Lee

Robert E. Lee had a very cool childhood. He got to listen to stories about his dad all through his life. He greatly admired GeorgeWashington. Although he lost the Civil War to Grant Robert E. Lee was one of the best generals in history. When Lee was 11 years old his father died. Lee and his brother Smith always climbed trees and played army. They would make forts, a skill Robert E. Lee used all his life. At 17 Lee met Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the Revolutionary War who worked closely with George Washington. The rest of Robert E. Lee's life is covered in the Timeline and the list of his accomplishments.


1807-Robert Edward Lee born at Stratford Hall, Virginia 1824-appointed to West Point 1831-married Mary Custis, great grandaughter of Martha Washington1834-Lieutenant Lee transferred to Washington, DC1842-promoted to Captain1846-48-served in the MexicanAmericanWar, promoted to Colonel 1852-appointed Superintendent West Point1855-promoted to Second Cavalry in Texas 1859- in charge of suppression of uprising at Harpers Ferry1861- resigned from US Army, promoted to general in Confederate Army1864-appointed military adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis 1865- surrendered to U.S. Grant1865-accepted position as President of Washington & Lee University1870-died in Lexington City, Virginia at age 63

* Graduated from West Point Academy, 2nd in class * Officer in U.S. Army for 32 years * Supertindent of US Military Academy, introduced the Honor System * Joined Confederate Army in 1861 to defend Virginia * Commanded entire Confederate Army, military adviser to Jefferson Davis * Surrendered to U.S. Grant in 1865 * President of Washington & Lee University 1865-70, worked for rejoining the North and South


My source list- Robert E Lee: Young Confederate by: Helen Albee Monsell- Wikipedia


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