[2014] Jesse Dembinski (Sixth Grade, Doherty 6th): Robert E Lee/ Jesse

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[2014] Jesse Dembinski (Sixth Grade, Doherty 6th): Robert E Lee/ Jesse

Robert E Lee was born on January 19, in 1807 in Stratford Hall, Virginia. Robert went to West Point Military Academy, at age 18. He married George Washington's great-granddaughter. He was the head military officer, on the Confederate side. The president, Abraham Lincoln asked him to be in command of the Union. But he refused because he was from the south, and he didn't want to fight his friends. He also refused because he believed in slavery. His army moved him to one place to another, during his army loyalties. After the war, Lee went back home in 1865, to return to his family. He enjoyed life in the quiet country where he and his family were not bothered. There was a committee looking for a new president for Washington College, and they figured Lee was he perfect lead for the job. Lee went on to being the president of the college, and helped them fundraise. In October of 1870, he suffered a massive stroke and died.

Dedicated Man

1807- January 19, Robert is born in Stradford, Virginia1831- Lee marries Mary Custis 1847- Lee serves under General Winfeild Scott 1861- General Scott offers Lee command of Union Army 1865- Lee surrenders to General Grant1870- Lee dies of a massive stoke at age 63

Lee got the chance to serve under General Winfield Scott, in 1846 during the war with Mexico. He didn't like being on his wife's family plantation. He would rather be in the battle field fighting. In 1859, he accepted a thankless position cavalry outpost in Texas. In October, he got a break. He was summoned to put an end to slave insurrection, by John Brown at Harpers Ferry. Lee's forces suffered another heavy casualty, The battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, from July 1- July-3 . By the summer Ulysses S Grant gained the upper hand. He demolished most of the Confederate capital Richmond, and Petersburg. A week later, General Lee surrendered to General Grant at a private home.

Robert was a well respected man in life, even though he lost the war.



Robert E Lee



Robert E Lee




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