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Robert de La Salle

Robert de La Salle

When La Salle was 23, he set sail for Canada, with his dream to become a farmer. Along the way, instead of following his dream, La Salle became interested in fur trading. Instead of becoming a farmer, he set up fur trading posts.

Robert de La Salle, was born on November 22nd 1643, and grew up in Rouen, France. He was baptized in Roman catholic church on his date of birth. At that time, before he started exploring, he was just called Robert Callelier. As La Salle was becoming an adult, he was known as Sieur de La Salle. This named means "The gentle from La Salle". As La Salle was growing up, his family were 1 of the largest and one of the richest family's in Rouen.

In Canada, La Salle and his crew members constructed a fort on the Niagara River (between Ontario & New York) and built a ship which they called the Griffon. They used the Griffon to travel and to explore the Great Lakes. They set sail on the Griffon on August 7,1682 traveling across Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Later La salle and his crew traveled across Lake Michigan. for this trip they paddled in canoes.

Returning from their trip they discovered that the Griffon was lost, and the fort at the Niagara had burned down. Many of La Salle's men had deserted their posts, robbing supply stores.


In 1666 La Salle sold his land and spent 2 years exploring. He went up the St. Lawrence River to Lake Ontario. In 1677 La Salle had grown board with fur trading and asked Louis XIV for authorization to explore the western parts of New France. In 1682, La Salle explored the Mississippi region. Later on La Salle became the first ever European to travel down the Mississippi river to the Gulf of mexico.

Who was Robert de La Salle

La Salle's Voyages and Travels

The Griffon Birtanica-Social studies text book-Library book

This is a video of La Salle's last exploration.

La Salle's death

La Salle's expedition sailed out from France with a plan on sailing through the Gulf of Mexico to the mouth of the Mississippi. Along the way several of La Salle's ships were lost. Many of the people in his expedition became very ill. La Salle was stil determined to sail to the mouth of the Mississippi River. He couldn't find the Mississippi River. Finally La Salle landed at Matagorda Bay.(What is now texas). La Salle's men became so angry with him that they murded La Salle on March 19,1687 the date of his acctual death.

Robert de La Salle is known for his exploration to Mississippi River in North America.


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