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Robert de La Salle

Lasting Impact

Robert de La Salle was a French explorer who was born on Noveber 21, 1643. He went on four expeditions, but only survived three of these. In 1667, After Robert arrived in North America, he set sail for New France, to live where his older brother, Jean, was. He was granted a huge piece of land and built a village. On his first expedition, Expanding New France, in 1669, Robert established Fort Frontenac and was a major part of the expansion of fur trade into the Lake Ontario Region. He met the first white men to map and explore the Mississippi River. On his second expedition, Exploring the Great Lakes, in 1679, he set sail for the Great Lakes and he landed there. Robert de La Salle built Fort Crevcoeur, which was later destroyed during a muntiny by the fort's soldiers. On his third expedition in 1682, he found Louisiana, which he named for King Louis XIV. This expedition is know today as the "Louisiana Expedtion." Also, on his way back he established Fort St. Louis, in Starved Rock, Illinois. In 1684, La Salle set sail from France to America, with four ships and 300 colonists. He was to establishh a French colony at the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, they ran into many problems. La Salle lost one ship to pirates, one ship sank, and a third ship ran into the ground. Robert de La Salle and the remaining crew established Fort St. Louis near Victoria, Texas. On his final expedition, La Salle was shot and killed on March 19, 1687 at age forty three by Pierre Duhuat. Robert de La Salle had a major effect on history. He claimed and named Louisana. He established a network of forts to define French territiory, and is honored throughout the United States and Canada with many landmarks .


1643 - Born 1666 -1st Expedition - Expanding New France1679 -2nd Expedition - Exploring the Great Lakes1682 - 3rd Expedition - Louisiana Expedition1682 - Claimed and Named Louisiana1683 - Established Fort St. Louis - Starved Rock, Illinois1684 - Established Fort St. Louis - Victoria, Texas1684 - Final Expedition1687- Death

On his first expedition, Robert helped expand fur trading into the Lake Ontario Region.On the second expedition, he explored the Great Lakes and everthing between it.One of the biggest accomplishments, is on the third expedition known as the Louisiana Expedition, Robert claimed and named current day Louisiana.

- Established the network of forts from Fort Frontenac to the Great Lakes, Ohio, Illinois, and the Mississippi River to define French territory. - Played a major role in the expansion of fur trading into the Lake Ontario Region - He named the state of Louisiana

Robert de La Salle

Mini Biography

Image of Robert La Salle with the St. Louis Colony


Interesting facts aboutRobert de La Salle

* Robert named Fort Frontenac after the Governor of New France... Governor Louis de Buade de Frontenac. This fort was orginally Fort Cataraqui.* Fort Frontenac was originally constructed out of wood. When Robert returned from France, where he went to gain royal support for his land, he re-built it in stone.* To officially claim La Louisiane for France, he buried an engraved plate and cross at the mouth of the Mississippi.* There are many landmarks named after him such as a statue in Navasota, Texas. * In 1995, Robert's ship, La Belle, was found in Montagorda Bay and is the center of archeological research.

Robert's Ship, Le Griffin

Robert's Family

Robert was born into a Noble Family. * Father: Jean Cavelier* Mother: Catherine Gesset* Sibling: Jean, Older Brother

Robert's Death

Where was Robert murdered? There is some argument over where Robert was murdered, some believe he was murdered in Navasota, Texas and others believe he was murdered in Huntsville, Texas.


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