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Robert Bylot



???? - Birth Unknown1611 - First Voyage with Henry Hudson1612 - Went back to Hudson Bay with Sir Thomas Button1613 - Went Farther up north with Sir Thomas Button1615 to 1616 - Searched for the northwest passage1616 - Proved that Hudson Strait doesn't lead to Asia???? - Date of death

- Sailed to Hudson Bay with Henry Hudson- After getting back to England he got rewarded for bring the boat Discovery back- Went back to Hudson Bay later with Sir Thomas ButtonDiscovered that the Hudson Strait was not the path to Asia- Made 5 successful voyages in 6 years

Lasting Impact

Robert Bylot had helped discover Hudson bay and and Baffin Island and Bay with the help of his navagation skills. He has also got a island named after him too.

The date of birth of Robert Bylot is unknown and most of his early life as well. Robert Bylot was an important European explorer that explored the arctic and made 4 trips to the arctic. In the year 1611 he was first mate on Henry Hudsons boat Discovery. There was a strife between them and Bylot was demoted and then set the Hudson, his son and many other sailors out into the Hudson Bay and they were lost without Bylot's navigation skills to help them. Later after successfully sailing Discovery back to England, he wasn't punished for what he did to Henry Hudson. The next year he went back to Hudson Bay but this time with Sir Thomas Button. When they got to the seperation of Nelson river and the Ocean they stayed there for the winter. In 1613 they travveled further north and then went back to England. In 1615 to 1616 Bylot was the captain of the boat and then discovered that the Hudson Strait did not lead to Asia. In 1616 he and William Baffin discovered Baffin Island and Bay while Bylot got a small island named after. Although Bylot and Baffin shared a role of captains Baffin received most of the credit while the rest of Bylot's life and date of death is unknown.

Robert Bylot


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