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Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle was born in Lismore Ireland in 1627 to Richard Boyle and Catherine Fenton. Boyle had 14 siblings but didn't know most of them as he grew up in foster care. He received excellent tutoring in Latin, Greek, and French. As Boyle grew older his ambitions levitated towards philosophy, chemistry, and science; however, Boyle was also a very religious person and was often concerned about how to promote science while explaining how it related to religion. Boyle's Lectures are paper the scientist wrote in promotion of both science and religion that modern scientist still use as a primary platform for belief that in the study of nature could be found the evidence for religion. At the end of his life Boyle stayed in London until his death at the age of 64 in which he remained a respected scientist.


1627 -Date of Birth1653-Improved vacuum pump1654-Attended Oxford1661-Disproves Aristotle theory that water, fire, earth, and air are the only elements.1662-Introduces Boyle's Law1691-Date of Death

Boyle has written many books including The Skeptical Chemist and The Christian Virtuoso, both of which attack the scientific claims that were "correct" at that time and support Christianity alongside science.Introduced new ways to find the identity of elements.First person to introduce the theory that physical properties were the result of the movement of atoms.Boyle's Law (see picture to the right labeled 'Boyle's Law')

Lasting Impact

Boyle is known as the father of modern chemistry and without his discoveries about atoms and air pressure the world would be without accurate science.


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Robert Boyle



Boyle and Religion

Boyle's sketches for the improvement of the vacuum pump.


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