Robert Boyle

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Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle(birth and death)Date of birth- January 25, 1627Date of death- December 31, 1691

Robert Boyle(parents and place of birth)Father- Richard BoyleMother- Catherine FentonPlace of Birth- Lismore Castle, Ireland

Robert Boyle(Length of life)Life Span- 64 years

Robert Boyle(Education) At the age of 12 began to attend Eton College. (shown to the right)

Robert Boyle( Studies)-Studied air pressure with Robert Hooke.-Their experiments were shown in Boyle's first scientific publication.-New Experiments Physcio- Mechanicall, Touching the Spring of Air and its Effects published in 1660 (shown to the right)

Lismore Castle

Robert Boyle( Discoveries)- Combustion-Respiration- Boyle's Law (example in top right corner)-Transmission of Sound

Example of Boyle's Law

Robert Boyle(Impact on today's world)- In today's world we still use all of Boyle's discoveries.- Students also learn how to solve problems using Boyle's Law. (shown on the left)

Boyle's Law Formula


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