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Robert Boyle


Robert Boyle created Boyle's Law.Boyle is also a founder of the Royal Society of England, which consisted of a group of prominent scientists at that time. The Royal Society still exists today.Boyle wrote many scientific works, including Touching the Spring of the Air and Its Effects.

Robert Boyle


Robert Boyle's Flask

Boyle's Law, which shows the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas.

Robert Boyle's improved version of the air pump. With his invention, Boyle showed that sound did not travel in the vaccum and that fire required air.

A page from one of Robert Boyle's many scientific novels. His writings were written mainly about science and theology.

- January 27, 1627 - December 31, 1691- Went to Eton College for 2 years, was later taught by a Huguenot in Geneva- Parents: Richard Boyle, Catherine Fenton- Was especially interested by experimental chemisty due to his contact with a group called Hartlib Circle- Never got married


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