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Rob Corso- Thor's Day Glogster


Thor was a very strong god. Thor was the god of thunder, he carried a mjolnir which was a small handled hammer. With that hammer if Thor struck anything he could throw lighting bolts and kill his enemies. It was also believed once he threw his mjolnir it then returned to his hand. Thor also wore a pair of metal gloves to help wield his mjolnir. Again he wore a belt that provided him with strength called the megingjar. Thor was believed to have lived in a mythical land called Asgard. Bilskirnir was the place he lived, in the hall of a kingdom called Thrudheim; along with his wife Sif, his daughter Thrud, and two sons Magni, and Modi. Thor's home contained 540 rooms, making Thor's home the largest building in Asgard. In conclusion, Thor very much deserved the right to have his own week day for worship.

Thor's symbol of power

Thor's Day



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