Roaring Twenties

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Roaring Twenties

The 1920s in America was certainly a colorful and lively time, filled with changes and innovations. In terms of women's fashion and the beauty industry, clothes and haircuts were shorter just as dresses and jewelery got brighter and more eyecatching. In terms of legislation, women continued to experience drastic changes. After a long struggle, they earned suffrage with the 19th amendment of the Constitution. Soon after, another amendment was passed that illegalized alcohol. This was known as Prohibition and the constraints put onto society from this act led to the expansion of the underworld and organized crime. Gangs rampaged cities also growing and expanding. A large shift toward urbanization occurred around this time and the Second Industrial Revolution began. Inventions like celluloid, antiseptics, and cheaper light bulbs were discovered and began being widely used. Along with this came the reign of cars. With the option of interchangable parts and mass production, not only were cars becoming cheaper and more accessible, but they quickly grew to become an important aspect to defining social classes. This led to the expansion of the night life and the importance suddenly placed on entertainment. The Golden Age of Sports came about and this is where baseball was first dubbed America's Favorite Past-Time. Movie also became more popular and modern celebrities sprung up in the form of actors, actresses, and even pilots. Music and art also experienced changes and bursts of popularity. With the onset of the Jazz Age and the Harlem Rennaissance, music and dance became livelier and less restrained by rules while art similarly became more abstract and fantastical. Just as art drew away from traditional rules and statutes, literature at the time also became more modernistic and key writers of the time like Hemeingway and Fitzgerald grew more interested in creating an entirely new style of literature. F. Scott Fitzgerald was an interesting example of this. Not only did his writings mirrored the changes society was undergoing, but his life did as well. Along with his wife, Zelda, Fitzgerald travelled often and spent money on luxury cars and the newest trends. Life was fun and colorful for the couple, guided by an almost childish ignorance of consequences. Because of this, their lives, and the rest of the country, suffered greatly when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression destroyed the economy and the persistent security of prosperity.

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