Roaring twenties

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Roaring twenties

MusicThe music in the 1920's took a turn into Jazz, jazz brought up many balck musicians like, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, King Oliver, and Ella Fitzgerald. Jazz helped transform America through a new era of songs and dancing. Some famous songs were " Ain't Misbehavin", and the "Charleston". The Charleston also became a famous dance for flappers to do in speakeasies. I thought this general culture was important because music (the Jazz Age) changed the 1920;s, it helped equality and respect happen more. I think music was the one thing that chnged a lot of social statuses on people, it helped with flappers expressing their new personality through dancing, and blacks get to sing and show what many blacks had to go thru.

Flapper Young women who embraced new urban attitudes and fashions in the 1920's.- cut long hair into a short bob-wore a lot of makeup-cute dresses to just above the knee (was also easier to dance in)-women drank, smoked, danced, and drove their own cars!

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Speakeasies Was a hidden bar where illegal liquor was sold during prohibition. Speakeasies became very popular, many flappers, men, and even political officials came to drink and dance is speakeasies!

Duke EllingtonEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was a famous composer in the twentieth century. He was a bandleader, composer, and pianist, during the beginning of the new jazz age. In 1923 Duke moved to New york, and had his own band, the Washingtons. He later formed an orchestra called the Duke Ellington Orchestra aroung 1930. Ellington lived from 1899 to 1974, but there was no dought about it, he left his mark on our music!

Double StandardSet of principles from elders saying that men had more sexual freedom then girls. Men were allowed more freedom the young women, some of the flapper attitudes did not like following moral standards.

Jazz AgeWas a period in time where many things were influenced by jazz, the culture, social life, and the economy. The Jazz Age brought up the social status for black musicians. Jazz was mostly played in speakeasies, it cheered everyone up and made a lot of people get up and dance, especially the flappers!

FashionFashion in the 1920's was a revalation for many women in urban settings. One of the famous designers Coco Chanel helped girls leave their victorian style corsets and petticoats, for more flowing, loose, and shorter dresses. I feel this helped the general culture because it brought up a new era in life, the free spirited, equality, fun part of life! Without the new urban fashions the flapper's would not be the same!


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