Roaring twenties

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Roaring twenties

The Jazz Age

Prohibiton, where manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol was made illegal.

The underground nightclubs in the 1920's were called speakeasies. They were considered clandestine because they served alcohol. Alcohol was illegal at that point in time.

They sported dresses with shortened hemlines, showed off their rolled stockings, "bobbed" their hair, and painted their cheeks and lips. Flappers smoked cigarettes and were daring enough to wear the new one-piece bathing suits.

Saw tremendous growth in automobil ownership, prices dropped making it affordable for the middle class and not just the wealthy.

Baseball’s growing popularity in the 1920s can be measured by structural and cultural changes that helped transform the game, including the building of commodious new ballparks; the emergence of sports pages in daily urban newspapers; and the enormous popularity of radio broadcasts of baseball games

The 1920s nicknames are the "Jazz Age" or "The roaring Twenties"



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