Roaring 20's

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Roaring 20's

Gangsters:It took 20 years but the 18th amendment to the US constitution was ratified in 1919 which stated that all the production of alcohol is illegal. This law had a problem, some Americans were too addicted to alcohol that they started selling it illegal and bootlegging it. These criminals were known as gangsters. So the twenties became known as the “Gangster Era”.

Speakeasies:When the government passed the 18th Amendment, no alcohol. People wanted it so badly that they opened up illegal bars in what looked like houses or apartments. To get into speakeasies you would have to say a password to the person at the door. Speakeasies were not a cheap business. The 18th was repealed by the 21st Amendment so in 1933 alcohol was allowed.

Clara BowClara Bow was one of the most famous flappers of the jazz age. She was the "It Girl" with her red hair and dazzling eyes. Bow helped make movies popular in the 20's by being America's most popular female movie star.

JazzIn the 1920’s, most trained musicians played the notes the same way each time but a jazz musician might play a piece a little different each time. A field holler or a blues contributed to what we now call jazz. Jazz was known as playful happy music even when the sad old blues were on there was still some happy melody behind that. Another way to put it is Jazz is sad and happy at the same time. Jazz was and still is important because it makes music fun and different.

"Buy Now Pay Later"In 1920 - 1929 "credit" was invented. Credit was "little easy payments". When families would buy a car they would have to pay all at once which meant some serious budgeting. So instead of paying at once car dealers and other manufacturers said that they could pay over time. This helped a lot of people provide food and clothing for their families.

FlappersFlappers, bob hair cut women, boyish dresses that revealed the knee, masculine style, put spirit into the jazz world. The word Flapper came from England witch meant awkward teenage girl. Before the 20's, women were not allowed to show their knee but that all changed by the 20's.Many people thought that flappers were just trying to copy men. But they were not, flappers a new modern woman with their own attitude. Flappers were a big part of the 20's because they changed women's dresses for good.

Babe RuthAt 6 ft. 2 in. tall and 170 pounds Ruth was much bigger than the other guys. Ruth was the starting pitcher for Boston. Babe preformed scoreless game except for a run in the first inning between the Dodgers. Then this scoreless inning streak continued for 29 and 1/3 innings in 1918 and this record was never beaten until 1961.

St. Valentine's Day MassacreOn February 14th, 1927, seven men were waiting in a Chigo garage for a load of stolen liquor. At around 10:30 a black shinny car pulled up with fake police. The bootleggers didn't panic; they knew their boss would pay them off. When another car pulled up normally dressed civilians came out with machine guns and started shooting the bootleggers. When it was over all 7 men were dead. The fake police and the civilians left very fast and another gangland killing had been pulled off.

Henery Ford: Model - TIn the Early 1900's cars were common among the wealthy. Henery Ford, leading manufacturer of American automobiles in the early 1900's, was trying to make a way for the average families and the under average families to have a car. The price of $850 was really high for a lot of costumers so in order for everyone to have a car he tried new ways to reduce the production cost. Model - T company started to use conveyer belts so one worker would have one job. This reduced the time that it takes to make one car from 12 1/2 hours to 1 1/2 hours. Another way to save money on the car was Ford's idea to make his own glass and steel. Ford passed his saving on to his costumers. In 1913 it had dropped from $850 to $550, and then in 1915 it had dropped to $440. And in 1924 this price of a Model - T car had dropped to $290. With the Model - T at a price of $290 the average families could afford a car. This was very important in the 1920's for one of the reasons being news could travel faster and farther than it ever could. This also created new jobs work many workers who were unemployed which helped the economy. Henery Ford's idea of the T - Model changed America forever

The Roaring 20's

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