Roanoke Colony

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Roanoke Colony

It is a very hard life here in Roanoke. We have been waiting for almost two years months. I am growing impatient. John White is not back yet with the supplies! It is very hard to farm this soil, so we strongly rely on the Indians. We live in log cabins since there many trees in the swampland. There are about 100 of us living here. The majority of us are men, me being one of them. We build houses and other building for our settlement to grow. The women do the household chores, and the children play games. The Croatoans wanted us to meet with them today. They said to bring all of our belongings and to leave no sign of any of us going to meet them. What can this mean? I have to say, I am a little nervous. What if they try to capture us? Will they make us slaves? Will they force us to live with them? I guess I will just find out later.


The Indians left one sign: Croatoan

The Lost Colony

June 13, 1586


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