[2014] AVERY NOON: Roald Dahl

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[2014] AVERY NOON: Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was born in Wales in 1916.When he was 4 years old his father and his sister died. That same year his sister Asta was born. He went to school at St.Peters. Four years later he went to Repton. Once he got out of school he started working for Shell Oil. Soon he joined the Royal Air Force. Once he got back home he wrote his first book. After he wrote some more books he got married and moved into a cottage. A few years later he had 3 children who inspired him to write childrens books. After that he wrote a lot more books and in 1990 he died.


1916 - Born1920 - Father died1934 - Works for Shell Oil1939 - Joins the Royal Air Force1942 - Writes his first book1953 - Marries Patricia Neal1955 - Daughter is born1961 - James and the Giant Peach is published1964 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is published1990 - Died

Roald Dahl wrote the childrens books:The BFGCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryCharlie and the Great Glass ElevatorDanny, the Champion of the WorldThe Enormous CrocodileEsio TrotFantastic Mr. FoxGeorge's Marvelous MedicineThe Giraffe and the Pelly and MeThe GremlinsJames and the Giant PeachThe Magic FingerMatildaThe MinpinsThe TwitsThe Vicar of NibbleswickeThe WitchesHe also wrote 47 other books.

Lasting Impact

Roald dahl created some of the most famous childrens books of all time. He also inspired many children to read.


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Roald Dahl and I both like to read and write. I like all of his books, Matilda is even one of my favorite books!



If I could ask Roald Dahl one thing it would be,what inspired you to be a writer?

The author helped me learn more about Roald Dahl by puting lots of captions.


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