Roald Amundsen the Explorer

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Social Studies

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Roald Amundsen the Explorer

Roald Engelbreth Gravning Amundsen

Ahliyah Kobel

Roald was born: july 16, 1872 In Borge, Ostfold, Norway.

Roald was a Norwegain explorer: he found the Northwest Passage.

When he was little he always wanted to be a polar explorer. In the winter he got used to the cold weather by sleeping with his window open.

He really wanted to go to sea but a lot of people said he was too young.

The trip took a very long time. It took three years. On the way he found the Northwest Passage.

Roald tried to reach the North Pole first. But someone already had. He changed his plans and decided to go to the South Pole insted.His plans were very secret.

He was poor now and he thought by doing this it would make him rich.

He wanted to beat Robert Scott to the South Pole first and he did. Then he packed up enough food for two years.

He brought 97 Greenland dogs. These dogs would pull the sleds. He left Norway on August 9, 1910. Nobody knew that he was going to the South Pole.

He arrived at the South Pole on January 14, 1911. When he got there he set up his camp. Winter started.They could not travel. It was too cold.

Roald kept his men busy by doing research. Finally they saw the sun again but it was still too cold to travel. They left the South Pole September 8.

He was the first person to reach the South Pole. December 14, 1911. Before they left they placed a flag of Norway and a note. That way everyone would know they were there first.

No one knew that he had gone there until March 7, 1912. Later on Roald rescued explorers that were lost on the South Pole. But the plane crashed. All the people disappeared and were never found.

. At age 15 Roald quit school and went to sea. In 1903 he sailed the Canadian waterways, the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.



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