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Road Trip Project

5 Destinations-Atlanta, Georgia-New York City, New York-Detroit, Michigan-Chicago, Illinois-Las Vegas, Nevada

Road Trip Projectby Vanessa Esposito

Total Cost of Road Trip:$4,853.58

I am driving the 2014 Ford Mustang for $869.04. The total fuel required for this trip is 222.36 gallons, which is $667.08. To drive 25 miles in this car, it costs $4.26, and 1.09 gallons of fuel. The Mustang's caluculated MPG is 23. In total, I will be spending $2,850.

I will be staying 11 nights in 3-star hotels. Each night costs $75, so I will be spending $825 in total on my hotel stays.

Jacksonville to Atalnta:300 milesAtlanta to New York City:750 miles.New York City to Detroit:450 milesDetroit to Chicago:225 milesChicago to Las Vegas:1,425 milesLas Vegas to Jacksonville:1,950 milesTotal Distance Traveled During Road Trip:5,100 miles

On my trip, I will be eating 66 total meals. 33 will be eaten at fast food restaurants ($5.50 a 33), and 33 will be eaten at nice restaurants ($10.00 a meal). In total, I will be spending $511.50 on food.

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To see the destinations I visited in the order I visited them in, play the video below.

To see fun facts about my 5 destinations, watch the video below.


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