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Road To War Proco

Causes of the Civil War

1.Lincolns election of1860- 81.2% of people voted and licoln had 39.8% of the votes. Lincoln only won in 2 of the 15 slave states. Lincoln and his advisors ignored the widespread alarms and threats of secession as election trickery2.Slavery- African Americans were allowed to enlist in the Union And Confederate armies. Many fled to the north to get freedom and fight against their southern oppressors. Slaves were extremley important in the civil war and quickly used by the North and South but the North used them quicker. 3.Compromise of 1850- The Compromise of 1850 was a set of bills passed in the United States. It was welcomed with relief and each side did not want a certain part of it. The compromise told what to do with places captured during the Mexican American War. The Compromise became possible after the death of President Taylor who, a slaveowner had favored excluding slavery from the Southwest.4. John Brown and Harper's Ferry- Harper's Ferry was an attempt by the white abolitionist John Brown to start an armed slave revolt in 1859 by taking a United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Brown's raid accomplished by 20 men was defeated by U.S. Marines led by Col. Robert E. Lee. John Brown had asked Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, both of whom he had met in his earlier years as an abolitionist in Springfield, Massachusetts to join him, But Tubman was prevented from sickness, and Douglass did not accept, because he thought Brown's plan would fail.5. Bleeding Kansas- Bleeding Kansas was a series of violent political confrontations involving anti-slavery Free-Staters and pro-slavery elements, that took place in Kansas.Bleeding Kansas was a proxy war between Northerners and Southerners over the issue of slavery in the United States.6. Fort Sumter- Fort Sumpter was the On December 26, 1860 six days after South Carolina declared its secession, U.S. Army Major Robert Anderson abandoned the indefensible Fort Moultrie and secretly relocated to fort sumpter. Beginning at 4:30 a.m. on April 12, the Confederates bombarded the fort from artillery batteries surrounding the harbor. Although the Union garrison returned fire, they were significantly outgunned and after 34 hours, Major Anderson evacuated.7.Uncle Toms Cabin- It is an anti-slavery novel by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe. Published in 1852, the novel helped lay the groundwork for the Civil War. Uncle Tom's Cabin outraged people in the American South. The novel was also very criticized by slavery supporters.The pointo of the novel was to show how bad slavery, and showed people in the north who did not care how bad it was and started protests.8.Kansas/Nebraska Act- The Kansas/Nebraska Act The Kansas–Nebraska Act of 1854 created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, opening new lands for settlement. The initial purpose of the Kansas/Nebraska Act was to open up many thousands of new farms and make a Midwestern Transcontinental Railroad accesible.



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