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The 7 Years War was also known as French Indian War in the colonies. It lasted from 1756 to 1763, it started when the French started to expand into the Ohio River valley and problems came up between the French and the colonist. A series of battles led to the British declaring war in 1756. Even thought British had lost they turned the tide of victory at many places like Louisburg.

British officials believed the French Indian War was going to happen and many more would come so they urged to form some kind of defense. A meeting was held in the spring of 1754 in Albany. Indian leaders, colonial officials and representatives from 7 colonies were at the meeting. The congress discussed 2 topics, which were the Iroquois and the Albany plan of union.

Indian tribes of the Ohio River Valley were surprised and angered at the defeat of the French. The tribes were expected to give or turn their loyalty to Britain. Then an Ottawa leader named Pontiac fromed an alliance with other Indian tribes and fought against the British in the Ohio River Valley.

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1) Chapter 5 pg. 117"An old wound he had received fighing forty years ago in the French and Indian War."2) Pg. 296 "Grandsire's old gun was gone, and so was the powder-horn he had carried to Louisburg back in 1745."

Albany Congress

In 1763 after the French and Indian war the British issued a proclamation, which closed off the western frontier to the colonist. The Proclamation of 1763 states that all colonists must not past the Appalachian Mountains. The British declared this to keep colonist from moving and because the colonists feared the Indians would attack or ambush them.

The boycotts of British goods were a series of boycott, these series of boycotts led to the American Revolution. The reason why British were taxing was that they lost a lot of money during the French and Indian war. They needed to pay other people for the war so Britian imposed taxes, which angered the colonist and drove them to hate their mother country. The sons of liberty and organized group of rebels boycotted the stamp act and many more.

Pontiac's War

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Treaty Of Paris

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Sugar Act

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Boycott Of Goods

1) Pg. 153 "But when these men heard how cruelly the Town was to be punished, they swore it would never be paid for."2) Pg. 82 "He's sly. When the merchants agreed not to import any English goods until the Stamp Act was repealed, he was one of the first to sign-then imported secretly."

Proclamation Of 1763

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French And Indian War/ 7 Years War

Road To The Revolution Project

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