Road to Revolution

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Road to Revolution

The British Parliment put a three-cent tax on sugar and also increased taxes on coffee, indigo, and wine. These taxes did not affect all the colonists, but they certainly affected the business owners. This was the first time taxes were collect from the colonists.

Sugar Act 1764

The Stamp Act required colonists to purchase a stamp and pay a tax on printed documents, including marriage licenses, newspapers, legal documents and more. The money collected from stamps went back to England.

Stamp Act 1765

The Townshend Act authorized Parliament to issue a new set of taxes on iimports such as glass, lead, paint, paper and tea. Parliament also made the colonists pay for supporting the British soldiers in the colonies.

Townsend Acts 1767

The French and Indian War cost the British government a lot of money.To help pay the debt, the British parliment passed some laws that made the Colonists pay taxes on just about everything they needed.

An Expensive War - Britain in Debt

A Closer Look at the Taxes

The Simple Story from the Beginning


Patrick Henry


James Otis

The Colonists Rebel


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