Road to Revolution

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Road to Revolution

Road to Revolution 1763-1776



Boston Massacre The colonists continued to protest and again, the protests worked. The boycotts caused the Parliament to repeal all the Townshend duties, except the one on tea. It was too late. On March 5, 1770, in Boston, angry crowds of workers and sailors surrounded British soldiers. They attacked them by shouting and throwing snowballs and rocks. This frightened the soldiers which caused them to shoot, killing five civilians and wounding six. Crispus Attucks, an African American sailor, was the first to die. Governor Thomas Hutchinson had the nine soldiers involved in the fight arrested and tried for murder. John Adams defended them because he believed that in a free country everyone had a right to a lawyer and a trial. Two soldiers were guilty and had their thumbs stamped.

"Boston was swept with a passion it had not known since the Boston Massacre"-pg. 141

"The stubborn colonists, who were insisting they would not be taxed unless they could vote for the men who taxed them, would hardly realize that the tax had been paid by the East India Company in London before the tea was shipped over here."-pg. 124

Tea Act The British Parliament passed the Tea Act in 1773. The purpose was to help the British East India Company. The British East India Company sold tea grown in India to the British colonies, but the recent boycotts and protests have been hurting the company. The Tea Act lowered the price of tea. Instead of having the tea being shipped to Britain first, the Tea Act allowed the tea ship directly to the colonies. Some colonists felt angry and said that the British East India Company had a monopoly on selling the British tea. This Tea Act hurt the businesses of colonial merchants. Even though the price was lowered, the colonists still complained of having to pay a tax.

"For it had been voted far off London that the port of Boston shuld be closed, not one ship might enter, not one ship might leave the port."-pg. 153

Intolerable Acts Because of the way the colonists behaved in the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed four laws. These laws were so harsh, it was called the Intolerable Acts.First Act- closed all ports of BostonSecond Act- cut the power of town meetings.Third Act- Increased the powers of the royal governorFourth Act- abolished the upper house of the Massachusetts legislator. Anyone accused of murdering a British colonial official could be tried in Britain, rather than in the colonies. The Quebec Act was toset up a government for the territory taken from France in 1763.Quebec claimed land between the Ohio and Missouri Rivers as part of Canada. Quebec's new boundaries took away the westerns lands claimed by several colonies and blocked colonists from moving west. The Committee of Correspondence organized meetings such as theFirst Continental Congress. Ittook place in Philadelphia on September and October 1774.The First Continental Congress demanded a repeal of the Intolerable Acts so the colonies had a right to tax and govern themselves. They called for the training of militias to stand up to British troops if necessary and also called for a new boycott of British goods.

Battle of Lexington and Concord The battles of Lexington and Concord fought on April 19,1775. The battles marked the outbreak of open armed conflicts between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies. On April 18,1775, General Thomas Gage sent 700 troops to capture important colonial leaders. The Patriots sent a signal as the troops were set out. 77 minutemen were waiting when the British arrived. The minutemen refused to leave when the Britain commanded them to leave. Suddenly, a shot was fired known as the "shot heard around the world." Nobody knew who fired the shot. Many were wounded and killed.

Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence was a document declaring the U.S. to be and independent country. It was authored by Thomas Jefferson. It was signed on July 4, 1776 by the Congressional Representatives of the thirteen colonies. The Declaration of Independence changed the nature of the revolution. The Patriots were no longer fighting for fairer treatment from Britain. Now, they were fighting to create a new nation. The Declaration of Independence has become one of the world's enduring documents. The words "all men are created equal.' These words aplied primarily to white, male property owners. Over the years, Americans worked to expand equality and natural rights.

"The expedition would start tonight and that Lexington and Concord were the likely objects, the men siting about in Warren's surgery had already guessed. " -pg.248

"... For men and women and children all over the world, "he said. You are right, you tall, dark boy, for even as we shoot down the British soldiers we are fighting for rights such as they will be enjoying a hundred years from now." "...There shall be no more tyranny. A handful of men cannot seize power over thousands. A man shall choose who it is shall rule over him." "... The peasants of France, the serfs of Russia. Hardly more than animals now. BUt because we fight, they shall see freedom like a new sun rising in the west. THose natural rights God has given to every man, no matter how humble..." he smiled suddenly and said "...or crazy, " and took a good pull at has his tankard. "... THe battle we win over the worst in England shall benefit the best in ENgland. HOw weel are they over their represented when it comes to taxes? Not very well. It will be better for them when we have won this war." 'Will French peaseants go one forverer pulling off their caps and saying "Oui Monsieur", when the gold coaches run down their children? They will not. Italy. And all those German states. Are they nothing but soldiers ? Will no one show them the rights of good citizens? SO we hold up our torch and do not forget, it was lighted upon the fires of ENgland. and we will set it as a new sun to lighten the world..." -pg.209-210

"There had been many a moderate msn who had thought the Tea Party was a bit lawless and was now ready to vote for the tea."-pg. 153

Boston Tea Party In response to the Tea Act, the colonists organized an event on December 16 called the “Boston Tea Party”. The Sons of Liberty organized the Boston Tea Party. They wanted to prevent the tea on the British East India Company’s ships from being unloaded. The Sons of Liberty and crowds of colonists gathered in Boston Harbor. They disguised themselves as Native Americans, and cut open chests of tea and dumped it into the harbor. Within those three hours, 342 cases of tea were destroyed and dumped in the harbor. The cases of tea destroyed was 90,000 pounds and worth thousands of dollars.





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