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Every 14 seconds, a car accident results in an injured victim. Every 12 minutes, a person dies from a car accident.Every year, about 40,000 die because of car accidents, and 80% of these are caused by Driver Distractions.It’s one of our roads biggest threats, followed by drink driving, speeding and fatigue.

Drivers get distracted very easily, and that in itself puts the driver and passengers in danger. The most common distraction is mobile phones, as it is with most tasks. But also drivers can be distracted by:-- Eating or drinking- Disciplining children- Simply talking with passengers- Reading- Fatigue- Searching for a particular land mark or destination.

Most distracted drivers are young, particularly those on their P license, and some even take up the challenge of multi-tasking to impress.Young drivers don’t seem to understand how dangerous, how life threatening it is to become distracted. It doesn’t just affect the driver, but also passengers and other drivers involved with the accident, and their families too...

You don't want that kind of blood on your hands...

The rules of the car sit squarely on the driver's shoulder and any passengers should respect those rules, for the safety of everyone. Being sensible in any situation improves road safety and decreases driver distraction by focussing only on driving. Passengers should obey anything the driver says, such as turning down the music or simply stopping what their doing if it causes the driver to become distracted.

Poor decision making has many consequences that can affect a person personally, socially, legally and financially. You should always take precautions and learn more about road safety and how to avoid driver distraction. Taking some time to study in constrast with being injured, losing those close to you, being thrown into a legal situation or having to pay for incident damage is definately more preferable :)

The choice is yours...


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