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RMS Empress Of Ireland

The RMS Empress of Ireland was built in 1905 in Goven,Scotland.It's maiden voyage took place in 1906.It was an ocean liner that sailed from the United Kingdom to Quebec city in the summer and St.John's New Bruswick in the winter when the river was frozen over. When the ship sank on May 29th 1914 the passengers had barley been on the ship for 12 hours when the Norwegian ship S.S Storstad rammed it inbetween the two smoke stacks. The collision happend in the St.Lawrence River near Rimouski,Quebec. Of the 1477 people on board during the collision 1012 died including 134 children. In total, only four children made it of the steamer alive. It only took 14 minutes to sink.

Other Important Facts

1905 - Ship Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. 1906- Maiden Voyage from Clyde on January 271914 - Ship Sank of the coast of Rimouski,Quebec2014-100 Aniversery of sinking

It carried over 117,000 immigrants from Europe over to Canada allowing the population to increase and bring many skilled tradesmen over from Europe.This May 29th,2014 will mark the 100th aniversary of the collisionThe last surviving member of the collision was Grace Hanagan she was 7 when the collision happend. She died in 1995,just one day before her 88th birthday.

Lasting Impact

Many people forgot about the collision because world war one started only three months later. The RMS Empress of Ireland was known for carrying many immigrants to Canada from Europe, including many Scandinavians. Today,about 1,000,000 Canadians can trace their roots back to this ship. That's 3.3% of the population or 1 in 35 Canadians.


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RMS Empress of Ireland



Grace Hanagan

All though she died in St. Catharines, Grace lived in Kitchener,Ont. with her husband in 1985

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