Rm. 28 California Missions 2010-11

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Social Studies

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Rm. 28 California Missions 2010-11

4th Graders in Rm. 28 Present the California Missions

Visit a Mission - Click below for info.

California Mission Addresses, Phone Numbers and links -http://www.classbrain.com/artmission/publish/california_mission_addresses.shtml

View our glog by pointing to the picture and and holding down the mouse button to enlarge, or click to play or link.

Making this Glog...The trip to the mission was filmed with a Flip camera and edited with iMovie then uploaded from the hard drive (.mv4 format) into a video element. The Mission Models are photos displayed using Animoto (with music obtained from RoyaltyFreeMusic.com. The Animoto was downloaded as a video (Actions > Download > .mv4) and uploaded into a Glogster video element. Note: Initially the Animoto was uploaded to YouTube and added into a Glogster video element. This worked fine, but the school district's restrictions prevented it from playing.Using PowerPoints File > Save as Pictures, the PowerPoint slides were .turned into .jpg and inserted into the Glog as images. There currently doesn't seem to be an easy, free way to add a PowerPoint slide show.Pictures were added with the Glogster Image option. Suggestion when adding to our own webpage - take a snap shot of the blog (apple command key and shift key and number 4 key, place that picture on your web page and link to it using the link GLogster give you (not the embed).You can use the embed code on your web page from Gloster but it came out full page which may be too large.


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