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History of Family1. Most important group to which people belong to.2. Whether born into or adopted, you are with your family until you create your own.

Family: a small group of people related to one another by birth, adoption, or marriage, sharing a household and caring for one another.

Nuclear Family: Father, mother and children

In parts of the world where people live mainly by farming, often a father, mother and their married sons, their sons' wives , and the children all live and work together. This kind of family is called an extended family. Family Life Cycle: Stage OneIn this stage the family consists just of the husband and wife. This stage goes back to Adam and Eve. In the Hebrew family unit was the master, who is over the house and everyone in it. The wife is charged with running the housedhold. She sees to it that the wishes of the master are carried out at home. Stage TwoThis stage begins with the birth of the first child. In past times, four or more children where considered a blessing. (Due to women being allowed to work, the size of families has gone down)

In the Equalitarian family, the father is considered the head of the family, but the mother and children also have a part in making decisions. The Authoritarian family gives the father all rights to make almost all decisions and his wife and children make no objections. In other families, the oldest male member, for example the grandfather, makes the decisions in a Patiarchal family. The Matriarchal family is when the woman is in charge.

What kind of families are there?




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