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RJ Baseball


There are many goals of baseball but there is one maingoal.The one main goal is to hit the ball and try to score.When you score you can win or lose.

There is a lot of gaer you need to play baseball. Two typs of gear you need is you need a baseball glove and a baseball bat. The last two typs of gear you need are a helmet and some cleats.

There is one thing that is wrong and that is when you are a catcher you have to have different gear. The gear you need is a mask,shin gards, chest protecter, a cup,and a catchers glove.

By: RJ Contreraz

When you play baseball there is an infield and an out field. The in field is for when someone hits the ball short.The outfield is for when someone that hits the ball far.

When you play in the in field there are six positions. The ix position are catcher, first, second, short stop, third, and pitcher.

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