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Social Studies

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75% on Earth covered with water.97% salty 3% fresh.Out of the fresh water,70% frozen in glaciers,29% underground,1% in rivers

The river system has 3 course,upper,middle and lower.The river channel in the upper course is narrow and shallow.The gradient steepest,speed of river flow is fastest. It has the least amount of sediments.It has the least amount of water.Erosion and transportation of sediments occur.Waterfall and valleys are foundThe river channel in the middle course is wider and deeper than upper course.Gradient less steep and speed of river flow is moderate.Volume of water is greater as it is joined by tributaries.It has more amount of sediments than upper course.Lateral erosion and deposition of sediments occur.Meanders are foundThe river channel in the lower course is very wide and deep.Gradient is gentlest,speed of river flow is slowest.Volume of water is greatest as it is joined by more tributaries.Greatest amount of sediments.Lateral erosion still occur but deposition occur more.Floodplain,oxbow lakes and meanders are found

Meanders are loops/bends.Form when river starts to erode sideway and deposit sediments on the other bank.An oxbow lake is formed when the river cut off the loop and deposited the sediments at the mouth of the meander.

Water Cycle

River has many impacts on humanBenefits of river include allowing agriculture to take place.First,the water in river can be use for agriculture.Second,the river created fertile floodplain for agriculture.The river also provides water & food such as fish.It also promotes tourism as water recreation activities like canoeing can take.Rivers can be a mean of transport as boats can be used to travel along the river.The river also can generate hydroelectric power by building dams Risk of river is flooding which could kill people,destroy building etc.

River system

Formation of Meanders and oxbow lake

River Source is starting point of river.Tributary is streams joining a main river.Confluence is meeting point of river source and tributary.River mouth is ending of a river. Drainage basin is area that is drained by a river and it’s tributaries.The boundary of a drainage basin is marked by the tops of the surrounding highlands and is known as watershed



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