River Dynasties in China

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River Dynasties in China

Roads and Canals were built so people were able to trade and build agriculture,Coined money was made to help trade,and tools were made to help people with farming and other. They also build the tunnel that access to different cities, so that way they can trade easier.

River Dynasties in China2000-200 B.C

Civilizations were located between The Huang He and Yangtze which provide them the water for their farm to support their family. They had their own culture, workers, writing system and calender.

Advance Cities

The Civilization started to develop specialize workers like farmer, blacksmith. Blacksmith started to build tool and other to fullfil their convenience.Most of their tools were made out of metal

Specialize Workers

They were able to develop their writing system. The reason is that they have their record keeper to keep the all the writing system, so that way they weren't going to lost them. Because of that, Chinese language were pass over from generation to generation

Record Keeping

Improved Technology

They started to develop the idea of culture like, social class, religious belief, family rule, and their writing system. They also have access to the whole river system and other system.

Complex Institutions


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