rites and traditions

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rites and traditions

Rites and Traditions

Rites and Traditions- formal ceremonies that act or produce prescribed or customary in religious use

During Lent a litany is sung in place of the Gloria, Passion (Palm) Sunday, which begins Holy Week, is called Olive Sunday, because olive branches are more than are palms

The Priest washes his hands immediately before the consecratin.

Benedictine Rite- The Benedictine Order never had a rite of its own celebrating Mass.The Order has always had its own form of celebrating the Liturgy of the Hours, in accordance with what was called the Breviarium Monasticum.

This Rite of the Holy Sepulchre was one of the many variations of the Roman Rite with additions from the earlier Gallican rites that came into existence after Charlemagne decreed that the whole of his realm adopt the Roman Rite; it appears to have descended directly from the Parisian Rite, but to have undergone some modifications pointing to other sources.


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