Rite of Passage: Richard Wright

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Rite of Passage: Richard Wright

Julian Spivey Period 2nd

The problem in this story is that Johnny finds out that he is adopted and the city wants to take him away from his parents. Johnny does not take all of this very well he runs away and starts roaming the streets of Harlem. Johnny doesn't know who he could trust because he feared that people would send him back home so then he could live with some other old people. Finally, Johnny does find someone he could trust and that is Billy. Billy is Johnny's good friend from school. Billy says that Johnny could trust him, so Billy sends Johnny to a gang that Billy says will protect him and give him a place to sleep. Billy then writes a note gives it to Johnny then leaves. On the note it says that Johnny needs a placee to stay and describes his whole situation. The gang sees Johnny and almost kills him before he shows them the note. Soon Johnny is initiated into the gang, Moochers, but then messes it all up by asking the boss a very secretive question. Then, Johnny and the leader Baldy start fighting its all bloody and grusome they use broken pieces of glass and knives aall sorts of dangerous stuff. Then soon enough its all over Johnny comes out on top, the gang claims Johnny as their leader and is given the nickname "Jackal". Baldy is still alive and jeolous of Johnny. The moochers go out later that night and they say that their going to rob a white man tonight. Johnny didn't like that so he just sat there and watched the others mug the man so quick and fast. After the mugging the gang goes to there supplier Glick and Glick gives them a place to stay and something to eat. Then the story ends.

The main characters of Rite of Passage are: Johnny Gibbs, Baldy, Billy, Ma and Big Sis.

Rite of Passage takes place in Harlem where Johnny grows up with his family. The time period is in the 1950's


Richard Wright is an African American writer and poet. Richard Wright was born on September 4, 1908, in Roxie, Mississippi, and published his first short story at the age of 16. Some of his famous stories are Black Boy and Native Son. He died in the 1960's but Rite of Passage was republished in a later time. The author wrote this book because back then there was a lot of racial controversey so i think he wrote it to show that there is more to black people than people think. People think that black people are thugs and will hurt you but they won't.

RITE OF PASSAGE By: Richard Wright

The author

Biblical View

The biblical view upon this story is that I did not see any allusions of the biblical truth at all. The character would have been forgiving to his mother after he found out that he was adopted. When Johnny entered the gang he should have told the guys that it was wrong to mug and kill people. I'm not sure if the author was christian or not.



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