Risk-Taking Behavior

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Risk-Taking Behavior

Facts About Teenage Smoking1.90% of smokers began before the age 19.2. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the world.3. About 30% of teen smokers will continue smoking and die early from a smoking-related disease.4. Teen smokers are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression.5. On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers.6. According to the Surgeon General, teenagers who smoke are 3 times more likely to use alcohol, 8 times more likely to smoke marijuana, and 22 times more likely to use cocaine.The facts and statistics around teen smoking illustrate that the harm that smoking can bring is true and well supported by this report. Smoking is extremely unhealthy, it will slowly kill you. Do not try to smoke.The facts I have used indicates that Teenagers participate in smoking as a result of peer pressure and curiosity. The statistics say that many people strated smoking before they are 19, which means most of them are still in school. Because of teenagers are curious in everything, they also want to know what smoking is like. Some students in school are forced to smoke because of peer pressure. In order to fit in, they have to smoke because their friends do so. This problem is familiar to me because I have family members and friends who smoke. I did some research when I tried to tell them the harm of smoking."11 Facts About Teen Smoking", Do Something, Do something.org, Web, Dec 15. .



Empty-plates: Kids are Being Bullied to Skip Lunch at SchoolAnti-bullying curriculum has created a generation of kids who are much more aware of overt, classic bullying. However, bullying and peer pressure take many forms, and at times can be very difficult to spot. One alarming trend happening in some school cafeterias is kids facing pressure to not eat lunch, or to eat much less than they actually want. This troubling practice is becoming more common, according to Dana Thompson, a registered dietitian who works with families through her diabetes practice in Glendale, Arizona. “One of the things that is being reported is the significant amount of peer pressure exerted by certain girls to ‘not eat lunch,’” she says. “Girls are avoiding eating or throwing out their lunch for fear of rejection by cliques.”Thompson explains this is an act of bullying because it appears to be pressure applied purposefully – that is, the victim is targeted with dirty looks if she eats her lunch or indirect statements intended to make her feel ashamed about how much she eats.The effects of bullying have been researched and well-publicized. Children who are bullied are much more likely to experience depression and anxiety, or even attempt suicide. Bullying has also been linked to disordered eating patterns and even clinical eating disorders. "empty plates: Kids are being bullied to skip lunch at school", Melinda Johnson, 24 August 2015, Health and Wellness,U.S. news, Web, < http://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/2015/08/24/empty-plate-kids-are-being-bullied-to-skip-lunch-at-school> Dec. 15, 2015The news article I have used indicate that teenagers participate in Risk taking Behavior as a result of peer pressure. Many teenagers are desperate to fit in. In order to do so, they harm themselves. There are many ways to solve this problem. For example, the monitoring at Dining Halls in some schools can be stronger. Teaching students to love themsleves is also a good way to stop this bullying behavior. This is an unfamiliar behavior to me because this behavior is not very popular in China. Even though it does not happen around me, it is good to know what are some issues that we have in other parts of the world.


Scarlet TearsBy Coran DarlingJuly 2011Fires ablaze within my eyes,A smile concealing all my lies,Screaming, begging, calling out,A final, frantic, desperate, shout.Scarlet tears drip from each vein,A vehement covet to end this pain,This silver blade, stays by my side,Because all hope inside has died.As each day ends, and darkness draws,The devil toys, with all my flaws,I'm helpless, alone, a worthless mess,A broken child, he must address.I'm tempted when he calls my name,A way out, an escape, an end to shame,To make it feel a lot less real,A deal with the Devil, in blood must I seal.They'll say I died of suicide,But no one knows how much they've lied,It wasn't a rope, a blade, or pills,That broke my soul, and gave me chills.I died inside so long before,To live each day, an endless chore,Pills could not kill what was already dead,A twisted soul, an empty head.In darkness I wait, in silence, alone,Rose-tinted nostalgia, all around me has grown,I beckon the devil, with the key of self-harm,And I open the door for him, with the blood of my arm."Stop Teen Suicide Poem", Family Friend Poems, July 2011, . Web. Dec 15, 2015This is a poem written by a 15-year-old child who suffered depression for more than 2 years. His parents split up. He gained an eating disorder which almost killed him. He broke up with a partner he had been with for a long time; and it began to make him feel pretty worthless; depression crept in and it soon lead to self harm. If the child did not go see a professional doctor, he would have died. This is a risk-taking behavior. This poem tells children who have phycological problem they are not alone in the world. There are other people suffering from the same problem too. If others can bu cured, the should not give up hope just yet.This poem suggests that teenage suicide is a result of poor self esteem because the author was a child who did not think himself worthy of living in this world. This is an unfimiliar problem for me. I have heard many stories about people commiting suicide, but I was not aware of teenager's reason to do so or why these teenagers feel that way. Now that I am more aware of this problem, I will try to guide or help teenagers around me who may have mental health problem.

Teenage Preganancy



Hopeful by Bars and MelodyBars and Melody is a band of two teenagers. They performed in Britain's got Talents. The song is about two children's experiences of being bullied in school. The song made lots of understand bullying. It is very touching and changed my indifferent perspective on bullying.

Glog by: Marley

Risk-Taking Behaviors


This is the trailer of the movie Juno. It is about a teenage girl overcoming unwanted pregnancy. The movie I have used indicates that Teenagers participate in Risk taking Behavior as a result of curiosity. The girl Juno wants to know what is sex, so she tries it with her best friend. She regrets her desicion when she tastes the result of her foolish behavior. This is an unfamiliar problem for me. I have watched this movie several year ago. I could not understand it back then. Now that I grew up and have more knowledge, I understand the kind of behavior Juno does.


This advertisement gives information about teenagers using drugs and explains the reasons behind it. The ad I have used indicates that Teenagers participate in Risk taking Behavior as a result of self esteem and pressure. It suggests that teenagers use drugs to escape from the reality because they have too much pressure. It is an familiar problem to me because I have seen teenagers take drugs and the result of doing so in American tv series.


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