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Social Studies
World War II

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The Rise of Adolf HitlerBy Kathryn Inman

World War 11 - Hitler announced his war plans to his inner circle. - He signed a nonagression pact with the Soviet Union, then broke it because he signed it in the first place to get Poland and attack "Jewish Controlled" France. The Russian's fought back, claiming Hitler's war was "genocide not liberation" ("Adolf Hitler 1")-The US joined the war and defeated them at Stalingrad - Hitler deteriorated and was almost assassinated . He killed 5,000 people involved in the plot.

Ups and Downs - Hitler led a revolt in Munich- an attempt to take it over. However, Hitler didn't realize that after all Germany had been through, they wanted stability. They did not want revolt. He had hoped for the support of the influential politians in Germany, but they turned against he and the Nazis at the last moment. A bloody catastrophe occurred; 16 Nazis and 3 policemen were killed, and Hitler (along with others) was imprisoned. - Hitler was in prison for 5 years, where he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle), a book explaining his life, views, and ideas. - Hitler developed even worse racial views than before."He reduced human races to three types: "creators of culture," "bearers of culture," and "destroyers of culture."' ("Adolf Hitler" 1). The creators were "Aryans", (non-Jewish Caucasians), the bearers like the Japanese ("culture-bearing but incapable of significant achievements." ("Adolf Hitler" 1), and the destroyers Jews. - Hitler was released from prison in 1925, and he reconstructed the Nazi party. He delivered amazing speeches, and gained more followers. He was appointed chancellor of Germany, and started wreaking havoc, beginning with setting fire to the Reichstag building. It only got better for Hitler; he was at presidential status, and hosted the "Nazi Olympics"

The Nazi Party - Hitler became a spy on the German Worker's Party, then became interested and joined it as it's "55th member." ("Adolf Hitler" 1) - He became an orator for the GWP, and said Germany was ¨'stabbed in the back' by Jews, socialists, liberals, pacifists, and ALL Germans that believed in Democracy.¨ (¨Adolf Hitler 1) - He wanted dictatorship to cleanse all of Germany of subversives. Hitler built up the GWP and changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (shortened to Nazi Party) - He became the undisputed leader of the Nazis, which a made a dictatorship.

How Hitler Got Into Politics- He moved to Munich in 5/1913 to avoid serving in the Austrian military. The Habsberg empire held power in Austria, and ¨he didn't wish to fight for it.¨ (¨Adolf Hitler¨ 1)- Hitler was arrested, then doctors ¨declared him physically unfit to serve.¨ (¨Adolf Hitler¨ 1)- However, Hitler felt he could support Germany, so he volunteered to serve for them in WW1. His life was changed forever. He was awarded twice with the coveted Iron Cross, which proved his bravery.-In WW1, he was wounded and blinded with mustard gas. While in the hospital, he heard of Germany's defeat. It brought tears to his eyes, and he was then ¨determined to help Germany get back to a position of power and respect in the world.¨ (¨Adolf Hitler¨ 1)

¨I, for my part, decided to go into politics.¨ -Adolf Hitler

The Death of Adolf HitlerOn April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler, along with this wife Eva Braun, committed suicide. She had "attempted suicide twice before" ("Eva Braun" 1), so after they married, she poisoned hersel, and Hitler shot himself. They were burnd and buried, then discovered by the Soviets four days later.

"A Germany without Hitler would not be fit to live in."- Eva Braun

(bbc.co.uk 1)

(www.uncommon-travel-germany.com 1)

A newspaper announcing Hitler's death. I used this picture to show how much his life and death impacted the world.

Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler together in public. Hitler hardly ever let her be seen outside their home. I used this picture to show how Eva Braun looked.

(hyperboreanvibrations.blogspot.com 1)

Adolf Hitler. I used this picture because my project is about him.

Concentration Camps - Hitler's Final Solution was the extermination of the Jewish population. - Millions of "undesirables" killed in German concentration camps by the end of WW11 - Political prisoners and jouralists, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled, etc. placed in camps. - Many died in transport. - Prisoners were insected and divided. If healthy, they went to labor camp. The others were killed in gas chambers, then burned in massive crematoriums. Some didn't die in the gas chambers, so they were burned alive in the crematoriums. - Some prisoners were used for medical experimentation. Toxins, anti-toxis, surgeries, and artificially induced diseased were used on them. - The conditions of the camps were horrendous. - 90% of the Jewish populations of Germany, Poland, and Baltic countries were killed. 40% of Europes gypsy population and thousands of homosexuals killed.

A picture of Nazi Germany.

(ibtimes.com 1)

Hitler working it.


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