Rise of Democracy

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Rise of Democracy

Norton Townshend says that democracy is a government in which the people of the country should vote and choose their own leaders. Not everyone is given this chance. Therefore, he believes that governing a country without all of the people's consent is tyranny, not democracy.

County Election (1800s)

(n.) a system of government in which the whole population participates

This painting, by George Caleb Bingham, shows a typical political election during the mid 1800s. Women and African Americans weren't allowed to vote. Only white males, who owned land and payed taxes, were allowed to vote.Votes were cast orally and recorded by election clerks. This system could be easily manipulated if people were dishonest. There was no system of registration, so voters could lie and vote more than once.Many voters didn't take the elections seriously. Political elections were more of a game of luck than based on merit.

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Benjamin Franklin explains that one's right to vote is based on economic standing during the 1800s. He feels that one's knowledge does not depend on his status, and that the people who know what is good for their country should vote. Therefore, everyone should be given the chance to vote.


Democracy is a system of government in which the whole population participates. In the early 1800s the U.S. was new to the idea of democracy and couldn't exactly stick to most of its principles. A lot of people were unhappy with the government's way of demonstrating democracy, not everyone was allowed the same voting rights and the system favored the upper class. Changes were later made once they got used to the new system of government and more people were granted voting rights, creating a more truly democratic country.

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As more and more states joined the union the government realized they couldn't be as picky about the requirements of land and tax or of the voting process because the system wasn't democratic until everyone was allowed to vote.

The Dorr War

Most states made a calm and gradual switch from having property requirements to allowing all white males to vote, but in Rhonde Island this transition resulted in the Dorr War. Thomas Dorr realized that in Providence only one man was able to vote for every 275. He saw that this was unfair and fought for the poor to have the same voting rights as the rich.

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As time went on, the US became more democratic because the voting process became controlled by the people. The people voted for the president instead of the legislature voting for officials.



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