[2014] Tashia Hartman: Rise of Christianity

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[2014] Tashia Hartman: Rise of Christianity

Jesus was born:He was not born on December 25. That is the day that Christmas is celebrated as well as the day Son Innctus celebrates his day of birth. This was started in the Pagan religion. At the age of 30 John the Baptist endorsed him.

30 CE


Purge:The fact that the minorities and slaves were mostly Christians the purge was started on the Christians. The slaves and minorities were killed either way if they had anything to do with Christianity. All of the Christians were killed in this time for believing in Christ. In the eyes of the Romans the Christians are followers of a criminal.

Plague:Plague kills approximately five thousand Romans a day. Someone needs to be blamed for the occurance of the plague so the blame is put on the Christians. Romans had to take an oath to state that they were Romans. The upper class and middle class people were let to be questioned then released. The slaves on the other hand were tortured and not questioned and could not choose to not be Christian to live like the upper and middle class people.

Primary Religion:Constantine holds the first meeting of council of Nicea. Where he discusses how the churches should operate. Constantine also claims Christianity the Primary Religion. When Constantine says Christianity is the number one prefered religion all the people of all the social classes believed in the religion Christianity.

Jesus at middle age:Jesus and his disciples or followers traveled into Jerusalem during passover. Jesus who is supposed to be kind attacked merchants who were outside of a church and he was arrested. He was then sent to Pilate who then sends him to his hometown Galilee Herod who also did not want Jesus but when he sends Jesus back to Pilate he consents Jesus' crucifixion. He was sent back and forth because no one wanted to give Jesus the trial he deserved. After his crucifixion the disciples went around saying Jesus was resurrected and became known as the Son of God.

251 CE

303 CE

325 CE

Rise of ChristianityBy: Tashia Hartman


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