Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

Who was Jim Crow

1865- Reconsturtion begins1866- KKK1881- Tuskegee Institute1875- Civil Rights Act1896- Plessey vs. Ferguson1905- Kansas allows separate schools 1954 - Brown vs Board of Education1963 - Birmingham

Jim Crow referred to a black character in a old song. Jim Crow was not an actual person.There were white men who performed in blackface to mock and dress like black people through song and racial jokes. The perfomance was to entertain white people at Plays. The name Jim Crow represents racial apartheid in the 19th century

Era of Jim Crow

Jim Crow was used to describe segregation laws, rules, and customs after Reconstuction ended in 1877

Hardships and how they were dealt with

The Rise and Fall Of Jim Crow

How it came about

Jim Crow laws started with just a song in a performance. White men would dress up as a black man for entertainment for the whites. In the 1880s they saw a huge refernce practices, laws of separation of black people from white people. Jim Crow laws required blacks to be separated in common areas such as restaurants, theaters, bathrooms etc.In 1896 "Separate but Equal" was established. This was to support segregation.

Life in the Jim Crow Era was rough for African Americans. They had to use separate bathrooms and water fountains. white people looked down on colored. Colored peole werent aloud to voice their opinion. They couldnt talk back to white people. Colored people also had to sit on the back of the bus and if there was no more room they had to give their seat up. Some black people thought that this is life and that they were going to settle with it. They would rather live than be punished. Others had boycotts, sit-ins, marches, non violence, combine schools and refuse their seats on the bus.

Jim Crow was a big part of African American history. During slavery slaves worked on plantations and were owned by their masters. Abolitonist tried everything in their power to help slaves. Reconstution came about after the Civil War. The KKK became a big organization who terrorized the black people. During this time black had to learn their own technique of survival.The 15th amendemennt gave blacks the right to vote. After the 13th amendment was passed blacks tried to own their own land to give to their children. Blacks always had faith and hope that God would see them through.During the Jim Crow era blacks wanted freedom of racism. They also wanted their children to be able to get an education just like everyone else. The jim Crow laws segragated colored people from the whites.


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