Riots in Detroit

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African-American History

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Riots in Detroit

For five days in July, Detroit, Michigan ,descends into chaos. raids an illegal after hours club and draws an angry, frustrated crowd that quickly turns hostile.As Sunday July 23rd dawns, the growing crowd is looting and burning the city. Twelve hours into the frenzy, Governor George Romney calls in the Michigan National Guard; unprepared troops make mistakes like shooting out the street lights. Nearly 4000 people will be arrested in the first two days, and over 7000 by the third. Most are young and black. Police and guardsmen shoot at will, with some later insisting that all of their victims were armed.Romney asks President Lyndon Johnson for federal help and by Monday afternoon 4700 U.S. Army paratroopers have arrived, under orders not to use live ammunition. A combined 17,000 law enforcement troops suppress the riot. After five days of anarchy, more than 40 people are dead, hundreds are injured, and damage estimates hit $50 million.

The lasting impact were, first of all ,the riots destroyed the city. All the economic and social status were destroyed because of the riots. However, after the riots the attitud to black people changedand after the civil rights movment- they became Completely equal.

Lasting Impact

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Riots in Detroit

-July,23,1967- At 3:45 a.m.,the "Detroit Roits" started.-July 24,-Michigan State police Department were called into Detroit to assist the Detroit police force.-July,25 -president Johnson aothrized the use of federal troops.July,28, - the day of the last major fire un the riot.


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