Rio by Andjela, Mina and Mina

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Rio by Andjela, Mina and Mina

Our favourite film

Rio is a good film, because It's very funny and interesting!

Rio Birds are blue .They have a got big ,

The birds are blue. They have got big and black beaks. They are big and beautiful kinds of birds!

Jewel is the mother.Blu is the father.Pedro is Blu's best friend.Nigel is the antagonist.Linda is Blu's best pal and his owner, and she takes care of them.Tulio is a bird expert.

By: Mina, Anđela and Mina

This film is about a bird, that lives like ordinary people.They thought they were the only species, of birds. They went to Amazonia and met their species of birds. They lived with them!



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