Ringwood Hawks

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Ringwood Hawks

Ringwood Hawks

About Ringwood Hawks

Home Ground





Ken karrin-gton

Tim Mottin

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Tim mottin is the coach of the state womans team. he is an outstanding coach

Ken Karrington is the state mens coach.

Ringwood’s home ground: Ringwood Maroondah Indoor Sports Centre. It is on the southern side of Canterbury road between Heatherdale and Wantirna roads. Address:362 Canterbury Rd Ringwood Vic 3134

Ringwood hawks have a begginers program were they help kids with simple skills They have great coaches that help devolope kids.skills

Biddy ball:Biddy ball is a program forkids that introduces them to the game and rules of basketball.After school basketball:Maroondah basketball competition is presented by Ringwood hawks and Maroondah council. It involes schools in a region, it’s a great way to get kids to learn basketball.


State Champion Women :-Jackie Vanderzaag #3-Inez Lie #5-Tara Blair #6-Sarah Yousef #7-Emma Beddome #11-Kate Spillane #13-Katie Shanahan #20-Regan Gardiner #33-Kate Ebzery #35Coach Tim Mottin-Peter Hyson (Assistant Coach)

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