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1.Ringette is more likley a female sport.

2.In Ringette we get to go on a lot of tournaments.

3. People who play Ringette Don't get hurt as mutch like in hockey.

Beacause girls wanted thair own sport to play. I also think that the 'ette' at the end Ringette stands for female.

Also in other sports you get to go on tournaments tobut Ringette is the only sport I have played so far with tournaments but I think they are FUN!

People who play Ringette don't get hurt as much like in Hockey because in Hockey there is body contact and it huts people.

Ringette is a safe and fun sport. It is safe because there is no body contact so you don't get hurt as much and it is fun because you get to skate and when you skate fast it feels like you're flying.

Ringettte is a fun and safe. Sport so play Ringette it is fun but be SAFE!



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