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Forces of Flight

Gravity: is like an anvilfalling from the sky. Gravity forces it to fall to the ground.So does a plane. We had toover come gravity. And we did.Also another way to think ofgravity is weight

Drag: With the great force of thrust we need drag. Drag is what slows us down to a halt. For example: a parachute. Whenyou jump of a cliff and open yourparachute it creates drag so you don't injure yourself. Exactly likea plane it slows down to not injure anyone.

Lift:We wouldn't be able to get offthe ground without lift. lift is the force that gets you offthe ground.But on the runway we neededa very special force to go with it.Thrust: Thrust is the force that powers us forward.Thinkof thrust like a car. Your engine powers you forward so you can go. Just like a plane.

What is lift? A: Lift is the force that get's you of the ground.What is thrust?A:The force that powers you foward.What is Drag?A:The force that slows you down to a halt.What is gravity? A:The force that pulls you to the ground.

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